Reinforced plastics

The extruder is able to process reinforced plastics. AIM3D’s technology has been tested and shown to provide good results with up to 40% fibre reinforcement and 3 mm fibre length. Up to 60% fibre reinforcement is also feasible and can be tested further upon request. Flame-retardant additives (FR) are also often processed with our machines.

Please contact us if you are interested in a joint development to cover your needs in the area of reinforced plastics.

Usable reinforced plastics


PA12, PA6, PA66, PA9T, Carbon fibre, glass fibre, mineral fibre, glass beads







FAQs regarding the use of reinforced plastics

Is the shape of the pellets important?

In principle, the AIM3D technology can process all shapes and sizes of pellets that are also used for injection moulding machines. There are limitations though when it comes to pellet shapes that reduce the pourability. This is, for example, the case with pellets which come in the shape of hooks.

Can filler materials other than glass fibres and mineral fibres be used?

In general, AIM3D’s extruders can process almost any material that can also be used in injection moulding. This also includes, for example, aluminium, silicon and carbon nanotubes (CNTs).

Can blends of reinforcing fillers also be processed?

In general, this is possible. For example, typical blends such as mineral fibre and glass fibre or carbon fibre and metal supplements can be printed.

Questions about material selection?
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