Plastics are widely used in the industry for the production of a variety of different components. The ExAM machines allow you to produce plastic components directly from plastic pellets. Here, AIM3D even provides the world-leading solution.

As such, there is no further need for expensive filament made out of a plastic that has similar material properties to those of your desired material.

Simply use the pellets that you would otherwise use for your serial production. You will thus save yourself the process of having to compare the materials between your prototypes and serial parts.

Do you have any further questions or are you interested in finding out more about the usable plastics? Please contact us for further information!

Usable plastics


PC-ABS Blends


FAQ on the use of plastics

Is the shape of the pellets important?

In principle, the AIM3D technology can process all shapes and sizes of pellets that are also used for injection moulding machines. There are limitations though when it comes to pellet shapes that reduce the pourability. This is, for example, the case with pellets which come in the shape of hooks.

Can soft TPEs and soft TPU also be processed?

Our technology can also process materials on the low end of the Shore A hardness scale. The stability of the process is more dependent on the individual compound than on the hardness itself though. Please contact us for further information.

Can I also use PE or PP?

PE and PP are both very difficult to print due to their respective material properties. Whether the printing process is successful or not strongly depends on the individual compound and its reinforcement. Please contact us for further information.

Questions about material selection?
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